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Nokia Lumia 900 Get’s Official: Hands On Video And Specs!

Nokia announced the Lumia 900, its first 4G LTE smartphone for AT&T. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop was joined on stage by Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer and AT&T President and CEO Ralph de la Vega to introduce the flagship device.

Specs Comparison Lumia 900 vs Lumia 800 vs iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S II

Today Nokia and Microsoft unveiled their new smartphone the Lumia 900 exclusive to AT&T for US customers. The overall design and specs of Lumia 900 is almost identical to it’s brother handset the Lumia 800 except for few differences. The Lumia 900 comes with 4.3 inch display where as Lumia 800 is with 3.7 inch […]

Use Windows Phone UI Demo on iPhone, Android or Desktop Browser

Windows Phone are still new for many newbies and it still needs some spark in selling. Till now there hasn’t been much sales of Windows Phones but it has potential to show some huge growth in future. If you are Android user or iPhone and you want to experience how Windows Phone works and it’s […]

Video Comparison: Nokia Lumia 800 vs Lumia 710 Windows Phone

Earlier this week Nokia at Nokia World 2011 unveiled the first two Windows Phone devices named Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. Lumia 800 is more high end device which will compete with major smartphones like iPhone 4S and Galaxy S II where Lumia 710 is a low end smartphone which will run Windows Phone mango […]

Specs Comparison: Nokia Lumia 800 vs iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S II vs Droid Razr

Today at Nokia World 2011, Nokia unveiled two new Windows Phone flag ship devices the Lumia 800 and 710. Lumia 800 is the high end Windows Phone mango device which will compete with other non- windows Phone devices like iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S II and Motorola Droid Razr. We have compiled the specs comparison […]

Windows Phone Web Marketplace Is Now Live

Microsoft Windows Phone MarketPlace is now live on Web. The Web market place for Windows Phone users allow to select and buy Apps within the browser. Windows Phone users will be able to purchase applications and have them charged against the credit card already linked to their Windows Live ID.¬†The Web Marketplace will send an […]

Samsung Omnia W announced Running Windows Phone 7.5 Mango [Specifications]

Samsung has just announced the newest smartphone running¬†Windows Phone 7.5 Mango OS called Omnia W. Samsung Omnia W is a successor to the Omnia 7 which was released last year running Windows Phone 7. Omnia 7 was packed with 4 inch AMOLED display though Omnia W is bit smaller in size as it’s screen size […]

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Now Available for Download for Samsung Omnia 7

Do you have one Samsung Omnia 7 phone? Well here is good news for you, Windows Phone Mango 7.5 is now available for Download for Omnia 7.

HTC Titan Windows Phone Mango Announced: Specifications, Features, Review [Hands on Video]

Along with the new HTC Radar phone, the Taiwanese company also announced a giant Windows Phone Mango based phone, the Titan. HTC Titan is HTC largest phone and also biggest Windows Phone device. Titan has latest Windows Phone Mango OS which brings multitasking and more features to the phone.

Nokia First “Sea Ray” Prototype Leaks Running Window Phone 7 OS [Video]

Last month we saw leaked pictures of Nokia First Windows Phone 7 device, The device was showed by non other Nokia CEO Stephen Elop himself. This time we got a leaked video of that prototype called Sea Ray Device in video booting Windows Phone 7 OS.

Google+ App for Windows Phone 7 Coming Next Week

Google+ is Google’s new social network to compete with Facebook. Till now Google has done a good job in creating a huge buzz around people for this new social service. Google+ app is available for Android, there are no words from Google on when Google+ app will hit App Store for iOS users but Google […]

Angry Birds Now Available For Windows Phone 7 Devices

We heard many time from Microsoft saying Angry Birds coming for Windows Phone and today is the day, Rovio has just released Angry Birds Game for Windows Phone devices.

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