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How to: Unofficially Factory Unlock iPhone 4S

Are you iPhone 4S owner with official lock to it’s original carrier. Well CutYourSim is back and this time they will unofficially factory unlock all your iOS devices including iPhone 4S. The service provided by CutYourSim will permanently unlock your iPhone 4S.

Ultrasn0w 1.2.5 Released To unlock iPhone 4/3GS on iOS 5.0.1 [Old baseband]

Ultrasn0w 1.2.5 unlock has been released to unlock iPhone 4 and 3GS on iOS 5.0.1 with compatible baseband.

iPhone 4S Baseband Bootrom Dumped! Confirmed For Unlock

Many people who bought iPhone 4S are waiting for the unofficial carrier unlock of iPhone 4S. iPhone Dev Team member couple of days back gave a promising tweet about iPhone 4S unlock and today he tweeted that iPhone 4S baseband Bootrom dumped which clearly indicates that iPhone Dev team has unlocked iPhone 4S on iOS […]

iPhone 4S Unlock Will Release Soon

It’s been quite a long time for iPhone 4S in the market but we haven’t seen any unlock or Jailbreak from the Hackers on iPhone 4S running iOS 5. Now according to iPhone Dev Team member Musclenerd confirmed that they have found a way to unlock iPhone 4S on any carrier.

How To: Unlock iPhone 4S on Any Carrier [Guide]

It’s been quite a long time to iPhone 4S launch but we haven’t seen any unlock from iPhone Dev Team in the form of Ultrasn0w unlock or some hardware type Gevey sims for iPhone 4S unlock. Thanks to some glitches in new iOS 5 update which will let you unlock iPhone 4S on any carrier […]

How To: Unlock iPhone 4/3GS on iOS 5 Using UltraSn0w 1.2.4

iPhone Dev team has updated Ultrasn0w 1.2.4 to unlock iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS running iOS 5 on older baseband. The new baseband are still out of luck. This guide is for all those people who installed custom firmware iOS 5 on their iPhone 4 or 3GS in preserving baseband. You can follow our Guide […]

How To: Create And Install Custom Firmware iOS 5 on iPhone 4, 3GS To Unlock it Using Redsn0w 0.9.9b5

Earlier Today Apple released the final version of iOS 5 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. iPhone Dev Team in return also active in chasing the game, released new version of Redsn0w which has got a new feature called “Custom IPSW“. This option in Redsn0w will allow users to create custom Firmwares iPSW and will […]

You Can’t Save SHSH Blobs For iOS 5 Final!

And it was stated previously, Apple has done it’s part. Now nobody with iOS device can save their SHSH blobs for iOS 5 firmware. iPhone Dev Team member Musclenerd confirmed that Apple has blocked the SHSH blobs which helps users in downgrading the firmware to lower version.

Redsn0w Coming With Baseband Preservation Mode With Custom IPSW

This is one big new features coming to Redsn0w which will almost eliminates the difference between Pwnage tool for Mac and Redsn0w for Windows. According to MuscleNerd iPhone Dev Team member, in upcoming Redn0w version it will preserve baseband like Sn0wbreeze and will create Custom Firmware.

Gevey Sim Unlocks iPhone 4 Running iOS 4.3.5

Yesterday Apple pushed out iOS 4.3.5 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad which fixed a security vulnerability with certification validation. There is no need to update to iOS 4.3.5 as it don’t offer any new features but still if you did we have a good news for you Gevey Sim still unlocks iPhone 4 running […]

Gevey Sim Works on iOS 5 Beta 2 If Baseband Preservation is Used With Sn0wbreeze

Today iH8sn0w developer and hacker released an updated version of Snowbreeze which Jailbreaks iOS 5 Beta 2 on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Now we are hearing good news about iPhone 4 Unlockers as reports are coming that Gevey Sim still works on iOS 5 Beta 2 by using Sn0wbreeze.

iOS 5 Beta 2 Blocks Gevey Sim To Unlock iPhone 4

Well, after all the good news we heard for iPhone 4 unlockers who got unlocks via Gevey Sim, Now MuscleNerd iPhone Dev Team member and Hacker confirmed that Gevey Sim no more unlock iPhone 4 running iOS 5 Beta 2. Means all¬†iPhone¬†4 unlockers who rely on Gevey Sim for iPhone 4 unlock will not get […]

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