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How To Apply or Use Screen Protector on iPhone or Any Gadget

If your smartphone screen or tablet isn’t scratch-resistant, you may consider getting an inexpensive screen protector to safeguard the glass display of your expensive mobile device from scratches and other wear and tear. The below YouTube video will illustrate a simple trick and tip that will help you attach the screen protector film on any […]

New iPad Vs The Rest of The Tablets [Comparison Chart]

So the “New iPad” is already launched, we are straight jumping to specs of new iPad and comparing with other tablets available in market. The specs on new iPad is amazing, it’s having a Retina display of very high resolution. Some of the biggest competitor of New iPad is Galaxy Tab 10.1, Kindle fire (for […]

Nokia Pureview 808 Whooping 41 Megapixel Symbian Phone [Video]

Is Symbian dead?  Everyone thought so but actually it’s not, Nokia has launched their new Symbian flagship phone with whooping 41 megapixel camera. The hunchback camera phone is called Pureview 808.

Huawei Announces the World’s Thinnest Smartphone Ascend P1 and P1 S

Do you still think Galasy S II and iPhone 4S is the thinnest smartphone on earth? well not anymore, Huawei is stepping in at CES to unveil the world’s thinnest smartphone known as Huawei Ascend P1 and P1 S. So far, “thin” has been the keyword for this year’s CES. We’ve seen the world’s thinnest […]

Gametel Gamepad Brings Controller To Your Android and iOS device [Video]

Admit it, even with a shiny new Galaxy Nexus or DROID RAZR or iPhone 4S, you’re still a little jealous of the humble Sony XPERIA Play’s physical controls. Soon enough you won’t have to be, the Gametel Bluetooth controller emulates the experience pretty perfectly, and works with almost any Android phone and iOS device. Slide the phone […]

Samsung Releases Concept Video of how Transparent Flexible Devices Will look

Samsung is famous for innovation in LCD displays. Previously we have seen different prototypes of Samsung displays like curved, transparent AMOLED in CES 2011. Now Samsung has released a concept video of how these transparent, curved display will change our daily life and how we will interact with out smartphones and tablets using these curved […]

Blackberry Playbook is Now Officially Available for $199 [Limited Time Offer]

Research In Motion (RIM) has just confirmed via twitter that Blackberry Playbook will be available for $199 this holiday season. No doubt such a price cut for Playbook is due to overwhelming response to Amazon Kindle Fire which is already available for $199.

Check Out the RC Ferrari Enzo Car Controlled with iPhone [Video]

Apple iProducts are famous for different uses, the recent one i see is more interesting. Silverlit company has released their RC Enzo Ferrari Car which will be controlled by iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. The Silverlit Interactive Bluetooth RC Enzo Ferrari creates an experience like no other radio control vehicle. Your iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad will act […]

Motorola Announces Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 Media Edition Tablets [Video]

Motorola has just announced their next generation tablet series with Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 media Edition. Specs wise both tablets will sport 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU,  running Android 3.2 (what about Ice Cream Sandwich!!!!) and Corning Gorilla Glass display and splashguard coating. Both devices also operate with Motorola’s MotoCast for sharing files and media […]

That’s How Microsoft Predicts Future Of Technology [Video]

Do you want to see the future of technology and gadgets? Well Microsoft has released their own vision of Future tech based on the trends its researchers and engineers are seeing in software, devices, displays, sensors, processors and intelligent systems. The newly released video by Microsoft with a special thanks to General Motors, is a […]

Motorola MOTOACTV Announced: Features, Price And Availability

Motorola just announced a wrist-based wearable computer with a fitness focus, the MotoActv. It’s rugged, sweat-proof, features a capacitive touchscreen, gives you control of your music, and has integrated GPS for monitoring your workouts. It’s a rival to non-other the famous iPod Nano (touch screen) device.

Amazon Kindle Fire First Hands On Video

Amazon’s event just over and the company has unveiled three types of Kindle on the stage. Kindle, the other one is Kindle Touch and the third one actually a tablet is Kindle Fire.

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