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How To Apply or Use Screen Protector on iPhone or Any Gadget

If your smartphone screen or tablet isn’t scratch-resistant, you may consider getting an inexpensive screen protector to safeguard the glass display of your expensive mobile device from scratches and other wear and tear.

The below YouTube video will illustrate a simple trick and tip that will help you attach the screen protector film on any mobile device but without any air bubbles or creases.

The first thing as seen in the video is to ensure that you have a perfectly clean screen before you want to apply it. This goes right down to choosing the perfect room for application. You should do it in the bathroom, a naturally clean room, and run a hot shower for a couple of minutes first of all to generate steam with which you will wipe your screen completely clean.

After you have cleaned your screen, you will take the screen protector and the (usually) included applicator card – don’t worry if you don’t have an applicator card, a normal credit or debit card will suffice. You will want to slightly peel away the top edge of the screen protector and stick it to the edge of your device’s screen.

Next, you want to slowly peel away the screen protector further, constantly applying pressure to it as you do so, so that it sticks down to your device. Don’t worry if there are small air bubbles at this stage, you will be able to get them out afterwards. Once this is applied, you are able to remove the final layer of the screen protector by simply pulling the tab and gently pulling it away.

Now take your applicator card and carefully try to wipe the air bubbles out from underneath the screen protector. This can take a bit of time, normally a couple of minutes, but the more you do it the more you will benefit from the results.

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