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Specs comparison: Samsung Galaxy S III vs iPhone 4S vs Lumia 900 vs HTC One X

Samsung just launched their new Galaxy phone the Galaxy S III in their ongoing unpacked event 2012 in London. The Samsung Galaxy S III holds some magnificent specifications. The main competitors of Samsung Galaxy S III phone are iPhone 4S running iOS, Nokia Lumia 900 running Windows phone OS and HTC One X running Android. Check out the Specs below for comparison:

Here is recap for Galaxy S III phone:

This is a good-looking phone, with an impressive high definition Super AMOLED screen and a processor that looks likely to spar for top spot among Android devices. However, Samsung hasn’t responded to the recent trend for stand-out build and materials and this new flagship feels a lot like all its older relatives; given the whole “nature” spiel, some smart new finish would have been nice. It’s no doubt this lack of wow-factor hardware that has led Sammy to emphasize software progress instead, and indeed there are plenty of intriguing TouchWiz features that warrant further investigation on a finished handset — assuming you’re not a vanilla Android die-hard. Glacial hardware design progress aside, if Samsung manages to get these new features polished up and working flawlessly, the company might well have another bestseller.

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  • Mignogna Adrian

    ehmm…the HTC One X also has a Quadcore Processor, you can choose between the Tegra 3 with 1,5 GHz (Quadcore) and the Snapdragon S4 (Dualcore). So the HTC One X is faster than the Galaxy S III

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