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How To: Access/Open Wikipedia in Blackout

So many big organizations and websites has announced that they will go blackout tomorrow in protest of the pending PIPA/SOPA anti-piracy bills. One of the big organization that will go blackout is Wikipedia which they already announced on their homepage.

If you are Wikipedia addict or if you really want to use Wikipedia during the blackout so here is simple tricks and tips on how to open or access Wikipedia during the blackout:

1. Disable JavaScript

Since “Wikipedia” blackout implementation uses javascript, it’s so simple to get it back. Just turn of/Disable javascript in your browser and Wikipedia will be accessible again during blackout.

Here is how to disable Javascript in Firefox:

  • go to options and then content and uncheck “Enable Javascript”.

For Chrome:

  • In settings, Go to “Under the bonnet” then click “content settings” and disable Javascript.

2. Wikipedia mobile

Another option is to visit the mobile Wikipedia site, as mobile site is unaffected by the blackout.

3. Google cache

The third option is to use Google cache. Just search for the page you want and load it via Google cache instead of accessing the Wikipedia site directly.

That’s it! You bypass the Blackout and can open/access Wikipedia!

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  • BASTA!

    The cleanest option is to disable loading the single javascript that redirects to the blackout page. You need to block the following URL pattern:*

    Use Opera’s built-in content blocker, a Firefox add-on, or whatever suits you.

    • BASTA!

      The pattern got truncated, so you must right-click the link and select “Copy link as” (or your browser’s equivalent), and that will place the correct pattern in the clipboard.

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