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Kindle’s Fire ‘Silk Browser’ Ported to Rooted Android Devices

One of the best feature that we saw when Kindle Fire was announced was it’s ‘Silk Browser‘. The Kindle Fire Silk browser takes advantage of the cloud computing and thus making the web experience smoother on the $200 device. Amazon put Sik browser exclusive to their tablet but it’s not the case anymore folks over at XDA has successfully ported Silk Browser to most rooted Android devices.

If you are owner of any rooted Android device and wants to try out the Silk Browser you can proceed on your own risk and try it by following the guide below:

1. Download the pack Here

2. Use Root Explorer to copy the lib files to /system/lib set permissions the same as the others.

3. Install all of the .apks like you would side load.

4. Copy the silk apk from /data/app to /system/app

5. Reboot and enjoy

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