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Video Comparison: Nokia Lumia 800 vs Lumia 710 Windows Phone

Earlier this week Nokia at Nokia World 2011 unveiled the first two Windows Phone devices named Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. Lumia 800 is more high end device which will compete with major smartphones like iPhone 4S and Galaxy S II where Lumia 710 is a low end smartphone which will run Windows Phone mango pretty decent as compare to other cheap smartphones.

Lumia 800 has AMOLED display where as Lumia 710 is powered with simple TFT display so Lumia 800 gives more crisp colors and better viewing angle as in comparison to Lumia 710.

Second major difference between the two phones is the design, Lumia 800 has a unique polycarbonate unibody design like Nokia N9 which was appreciated in blogsphere by tech gurus on the other hand Lumia 710 design is normal with plastic body casing.

Lumia 800 has 8 MP camera and Lumia 710 is packed with 5 MP camera. Both phones don’t have front facing cameras.

In all respects Lumia 800 is a better smartphone than Lumia 710 but just in case if you are curious about how much these phones cost so then Lumia 710 beats the 800 beast. Noika 800 will be available in the market for €420(US $585) and Nokia 710 will be available for €270 (US $375).

Lumia 800 is a better phone than Lumia 710 in all respects except for price. So if money doesn’t matter to you go for Lumia 800.

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