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Siri Personal Assistant Ported to iPhone 4 [Video]

As we expected before, developers have started porting Siri from iPhone 4S to iPhone 4. And here comes the first video of Siri personal assistant feature of iPhone 4S working on iPhone 4. The Siri lags pretty much in the video on iPhone 4 but it has nothing to do with A5 processor it’s due to some GPU cause which 9to5mac explains like that:

Siri on the iPhone 4 can recognize spoken commands in both the standard Siri view and the keyboard Dictation view. The only issue at this point is that Apple is not authenticating (obviously) commands to its servers from iPhone 4 hardware. The Siri port to the iPhone 4, at this point, also has the ability to speak back to the user. You may notice Siri and the iPhone 4 acting very sluggish in the above video. The issue here is not Siri, but is that a special GPU driver for iPhone 4 is needed; and it is obviously not included in the iPhone 4S binary cache – where the Siri files are located.

In the Video the Siri works pretty laggy on iPhone 4, but that was just a first attempt in porting it from iPhone 4S to iPhone 4. And we are sure with more guys work on it, Siri will be fully ported in near future.

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