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How Much Windows 8 Faster Than Windows 7

Microsoft has already mentioned couple of times that Windows 8 will bring boost to processing time in comparison to Windows 7. Microsoft also demoed Windows 8 boot time which is approximately 8 seconds, fastest we have ever seen. Lifehacker installed Windows 8 and performed some tests on Windows 8 to find out exactly how much it is faster than Windows 7.

Note: As with all our Windows 8 coverage this week, this is all based on the developer preview of Windows. At the time of this writing, we still have a year before Windows 8 is officially released, so things are subject to change, but these are our preliminary tests of the fledgling operating system.

The tests were performed an (overclocked) 3.8 GhZ i7 machine with 6GB of RAM, a 2TB hard drive, an Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT, and connected to the internet over Ethernet at a maximum speed of 20mbps.

Windows 8 beat Windows 7 in every aspect. Though user won’t find much difference in both the OS on faster machines but one significant change in Windows 8 is it’s Boot time which is almost four times faster than Windows 7.

Windows 8 is still one year far from it’s public launch so definitely we will see some more improvements in Windows 8 tests next year.

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[Via: Lifehacker]

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  • Taimur Mughal

    alaka kulao may ko :p

  • Jame Larson

    Good comparison post. Now i use window phone (Win7) and awaiting for Win8

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