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Mozilla Firefox 6 Final Now Available For Download

It’s not been so long that Mozilla released Firefox 5 final version for public, but today we have great news for Firefox lovers as Firefox 6 final is now available for Download on Mac, Windows and Linux via Mozilla FTP servers. It’s not available officially now but will be available anytime soon next week.

Firefox 6 Final does not bring any new changes to UI (User Interface). But though the new version bring alot of speed improvement while using the browser almost 20% faster than the previous Firefox 5.

Keep in mind that there’s a small chance that this allegedly “final” build is updated before it’s released to the public next week, yet that’s very unlikely unless major issues are found. While the welcome page still mentions “Firefox 6 Beta”, don’t be fooled, Mozilla just hasn’t updated said page yet. This latest stable Final version offers more stability and improvements than the former test builds. So, Download it and upgrade your current version of Firefox.

Download Links for Mozilla FireFox 6 Final via FTP servers:

Download English version of Firefox 6for Windows

Download English version of Firefox 6 for Mac

Download English version of Firefox 6 for Linux

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  • Anyonymous
    • business online

      thanks for link.

  • Beavis
  • Ken Saunders

    It isn’t cool to provide direct links to exe’s etc.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a plan to me dude. Wow.

  • Tech

    The FTP has been overloaded each time I tried… using Firefox the setup was corrupt the first time… had to use an FTP client. All is well, running v6 now :)

  • Ironbil

    cmon just yesterday i upgraded from the 3rd version to the 5th on my 2 pcs while chrome upgrades itself….. O_o

  • Sparkybluefang

    1. Firefox 6 has not been officially released yet. What is on the server is only release candidates.
    2. Please don’t directly link to Mozilla’s FTP servers. They are not load balanced and can not handle a high volume of traffic.

  • Depkverma007

    not so good but we can say that better then 5.0……

  • Ahmad Nurul mubarok

    hi i like your site… :)
    can you add my site to your blogroll
    admin of

  • rahul

    mozilla firefox 5 free download can be availed

  • Firefox

    I had to replace my firefox with version 6.. Firefox Browser

  • Vinanetjsc

    thank you !   cool firefox 6

  • Стоян

    I think that 18 version is more stable.. check out –

  • amir

    There are many other version comes over but every version has there own, specification Download Mozilla Firefox

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