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Apple Officially Sold More iPhones Than All Smartphones of Nokia in Q2 2011

Nokia Just announced the second Quarter Q2 Earning Call, the financial results are disappointing from Nokia. And according to Q2 Earning Call of Apple’s. Apple is now selling more iPhones than the entire range of Nokia Smartphones in Q2 2011

Nokia ruled the Smartphone sales from last 15 years but that’s not the case anymore, Nokia sold just 16.7 million smartphones in its second quarter, compared to 20.3 million iPhones detailed in Apple’s earnings report on Tuesday. It means that Apple made almost four times the revenue from iPhones ($13.3bn) as Nokia did from smartphones (€2.4bn/$3.4bn).

Nokia is now ranked third in smartphones market behind Apple and Samsung. Samsung is yet to announce it’s financial results later this week and analyst claims Samsung would have sold around 19 million smartphones around the same period.

Nokia was aware of the situation from time ago as Symbian was not going that well for them. Nokia strategic partnership with Microsoft will definitely paves a way for the increase sales of Nokia smartphones in US and around the globe with Windows Phone devices in coming year.

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