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Nokia First “Sea Ray” Prototype Leaks Running Window Phone 7 OS [Video]

Last month we saw leaked pictures of Nokia First Windows Phone 7 device, The device was showed by non other Nokia CEO Stephen Elop himself. This time we got a leaked video of that prototype called Sea Ray Device in video booting Windows Phone 7 OS.

The device shows a capacitive buttons at the bottom of the device which ends the previous rumors about Nokia Sea Ray device not having any physical buttons on the front like the Nokia N9.

The device is running Windows Phone Mango as you can see the Mango Lockscreen in the video. The camera also boots up quickly and we get the first glimpse of what that will be like.

Looks like Nokia is almost done with the first Windows Phone device, The looks of this new device is almost same like the previous Nokia N9 Meego device which was launched last month.

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Source: WPXAP

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