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Delete All SMS Messages at once in Message App of iPhone

A new Jailbreak tweak called DeletAllSMS has been released in Cydia market for those users who are tired of deleting single messages in their Message app of iPhone. Now you can delete all your SMS at once with a single tap.

Deleting all SMS is easy, simply launch the Message app and tap “Edit” button. And a new button will appear labeled “Delete All.” As you might expect, touching this button deletes every SMS message from your iPhone handset.

This is a very useful tweak Apple should introduce such feature officially in iOS 5. For now you can add this feature by downloading the new tweak from Cydia.

In order to download the package, simply add Max Sav’s repository to Cydia first (““) and then search for “DeleteAllSMS.”

To add repository Go to Cydia, Click manage, Source then edit and click add and type the repo.

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  • Pko

    Awesome thanks!!!

  • Ivan AbcXyz

    Is this iOS5 compatible?
    Edit: Just tried it. When you press on delete all, it takes a while to delete them with no feedback, so you have to be patient and it will delete them all. I have iOS 5.0.1


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