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Run Multiple iPhone Apps Side by Side on iPad With New Jailbreak Tweak

Well iPad run all iPhone apps into compatibility mode but what about running two iPhone apps side by side in one single screen of iPad? Jailbreak developer Aaron Ash (@aaronash) is currently in the process of creating a tweak that will allow such a feat to be achieved on a jailbroken iPad.

Ash makes it clear that at this stage it is only really a proof of concept, not yet ready for a public release. In particular there are some bugs that are preventing audio from playing and accelerometer data from being detected by the apps.

The bottom right button turns on “edit mode” which allows you to rearrange applications, and rotate them (Angry Birds normally runs in landscape, here they’re turned). I’m debating on if I should go for the typical desktop feel or make it more SpringBoard-like and keep apps in preset locations.

We’re assuming the tentative name of the app is Polyonix judging from the screenshot, and it allows you to run multiple iPhone apps on your iPad’s screen at the same time…

The only visual we have thus far is a screenshot posted on the developer’s blog. The screen shows Angry Birds running side-by-side with another instance of itself.

Ash notes that the tweak should be available in a few months, once he’s had chance to polish it up. we will update you more once the tweak is release for iPad.

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