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Mozilla Firefox 5 Final is now Available for Download

Unlike the the current Firefox 4 version, Mozilla is now pushing out new version in very short span of time. As you might all know Mozilla took alot of time to release Final version of Firefox 4 with 12 betas and 2 RC. But now after releasing 7 Betas for Firefox 5, Mozilla releases Firefox 5 Final on FTP servers.

According to Mozilla release page Mozilla will officially release Firefox 5 on June 21st. Firefox 5 will not bring any GUI changes instead the design interface will be almost same as Firefox 4. Most of the plugins will not compatible now with Firefox 5.

This latest stable version offers more stability and improvements than the former test builds. So, Download it and upgrade your current version of Firefox.

Download Links for Mozilla FireFox 5 Final via FTP servers:

Download English version of Firefox 5.0 for Windows

Download English version of Firefox 5.0 for Mac

Download English version of Firefox 5.0 for Linux

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  • Erroneus

    This is NOT final. It’s a Candiate build for Firefox 5.0.

    • Ree

      No, You shut up! /Bender


  • Mike Szekely

    If plugin compatibility is an issue, count me out.

    • Guest

      Most addons are compatible regardless of what is reported, this will be improved in the future, you can upgrade and it won’t tell compatible ones that they’re not compatible.
      Anyway addon compatibility is always broken for every browser, it’s unavoidable.

  • Kambingdomba

     I need to update firefox to the latest version, because I have version 3.6… Firefox Browser

  • Roku Reviews

    now firefox 8 is out. they are updating it fast

  • Autismawareness

    hey can you come to my house now

  • amir

    Wao this is amazing i have updated my browser to new version . Firefox download

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