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How To: Disable Camera Shutter Sounds on Samsung Galaxy S II

Are you annoyed with the Camera sound of your Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone? Camera shutter sounds are annoying sometimes If you are taking pictures of baby sleeping with Samsung Galaxy S II so the camera shutter sound will definitely disturb the baby. Here is a some instructions which will help you to silent/off shutter sound your SGS2 camera.

There are two methods, you can follow the one which is easy for you:


1. Create a file called “local.prop” in /data/ if it doesn’t exist. Example: “/data/local.prop”
2. Open the file “/data/local.prop”
3. add the line to the file:
4. Reboot and all sound in the camera app is completely silent.
5. To recover the sound, you can either delete the local.prop file or change the code to:


1. unrar the attached file “local.prop.rar”
2. copy the “local.prop” file to your ADB folder
3. ADB push local.prop /data/local.prop
4. Reboot phone.
5. To restore sound, just delete local.prop and reboot

That’s it! Your Camera shutter sound are now now related to the system volume.

- Phone silenced = NO Camera sound at all (focus OR snap)

-Phone sound on = Camera sound with Focus and snap

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  • Jacko310592

    Thank you
    ..worked for i5800 (Galaxy 3) (stock app only)

  • Foobar

    doesn’t work on samsung Galaxy S2 (not rooted) in France..

    • Fernando

      It does work. I created a txt file on PC with the correct content, moved it to phone to:
       reboot and silence!

      • n0na

        reboot mean just restart the phone or hav eto reset it & all the data in phone will lose

        • April Fultz

          just turn your phone off and then on again.

      • Bagrizzard

        a text file on what!?

        • April Fultz

          Do you have a text editor on your computer? create a new file and type in the code and save the file as local.prop

          Then somehow place the file in your phone and save it under the folder data

  • Garycrosskey

    Didnt work for me on sgs2 :( HELP!

  • Prince-W

    doesn’t works on sgs2

  • Simon9011

    How do i create a file? lol

  • Liszt

    Did work on my SGS2 !  bought from amazon .

    Maybe you guys put the file in directory /Android/data  ?
    but I guess you should put it in /data/
    create the folder if it doesn’t exist .  i also created the file. works perfect. thanks !

    • Avivroom

      How do i create a file??

    • n0na

      how do you do “add rhe line to the file”. What does it mean actually?

      • April Fultz

        You open the file with a text editor and type in the code and save it.

  • Sadia_boots

    what does it mean by 3. add the line to the file:

    • April Fultz

      After creating the file (not folder) called local.prop you go in and type in the code and save it.

  • Sadia_boots

    I connected it to my pc
    Then i created a data folder
    inside the data folder it added a folder called “local.prop”
    in front of local prop i added “”
    Where did i go wrong?!

    • April Fultz

      You made a folder, not a file. So you need to make a file. Since there isn’t an option that I know of to make a file, you should open a plain text editor on your computer and create a new file with the code in it and save it as local.prop and then some how download it to your phone.

  • Nevernuncamai

    exactly how do we ¨add line to the file¨? I open the folder ¨local.prop¨ and of course it’s empty…no where is there an option to add text, let alone ¨add a line¨…. anyone can help please? thanks a million

  • Tasskay

    how do you “add the line to the file”

  • P_gallaher

    This tweak turned off my  SGS2′s startup jingle, but did nothing to stop the shutter of autofocus sound.
    I copied and pasted the Code: from above.  DId I miss something?

  • Adri Gomez10

    no such luck for me…

  • Ghodith

    You guys are fucking technological retards

  • Asahole

    hy. I have opened the phone, put bateryout and I cant faons that file. where it is. shell I remove the screen?
    please help

    • April Fultz

      You aren’t supposed to open the phone.

  • Urbandesigner

    Tells me folder is protected. I’ll use my thumb instead. lol.

  • Guyver_Racing

    Shit didn’t worked at all…

  • Asdasd

    don work on s2. stop trying retards.

  • morducai

    Only thing it did was crashing my camera app

  • Kitty_KITTY

    Are this can use in the 4.0 version?

  • April Fultz

    Reminder for those with issues: Go to the link:
    That is where this info was sourced from.

    Also if you make the file on your computer you might want to e-mail yourself the file as an attachment and then open your email from your phone and download it?

  • Lovings Webmistress

    Actually, Galaxy IIS (at least new firmware) has a camera setting to mute shutter sound. Start camera. Touch the left bottom Menu icon. “Edit shortcuts” appears. Add “Shutter sound” icon to camera top menu (you can remove it later), touch it and choose “Off” and you’re done.

    • Sarinah Lang

      how do you add ‘shutter sound’ ?

      • Lovings Webmistress

        Same way – go to the settings mentioned above, and choose “On”.

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