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How To: Unlock Samsung Galaxy S without Code [Guide]

XDA forum member helroz has created a new app which will Unlock Samsung Galaxy S Phone with out need of Any code. Galaxy S unlock is free and can unlock other variants of the popular line of Samsung Android devices too. In order to run the app, you’ll need to be rooted with BusyBox and have an active internet connection.

How To: Unlock Samsung Galaxy S without Code [Guide]:

Step 1 save your /efs folder
Step 2 Unlock your phone in 60 seconds, black screen is normal(get the good step2 for phones sold on 2.1 or 2.2)
Step 3 Built .nv_data.bak (after restart)
And last choice restore /efs folder saved on step 1 if you have any problem.

Link to download:…


Tested and worked for Galaxy S sold with android 2.1 (for vibrant and captivate this method is the same).

Tested and worked on Galaxy S sold with android 2.2 in france all new GS sold with android 2.2 must use step 2 for 2.2.

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