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Guide: Jailbreak Apple TV 2G iOS 4.2.1 Using SeasonPass [HOW TO]

Firecore has released a Jailbreak tool called Seas0nPass for Apple TV 2G. It works on iOS 4.2.1 and iOS 4.1.1. This tool works same like Pwnage tool but it’s specifically made for Apply TV 2G. The other advantages of Seasonpass is that The UI (user interface) is very simple and user-friendly, It can also download the IPSW for your Apple TV if you don’t have saved it on your computer. This is an tethered Jailbreak for Apple Tv 2G, this definitely means you must boot into tethered, every time you want to TURN ON your Apple TV 2G. but it has option for one click Tethered Boot which makes things easy.

SeasonPass is for Mac users only, SeasonPass creates firmware which can be restore via iTunes. SeasonPass seems to be based on the exploit that is being used in iPhone and iPod jailbreaks for iOS 4.2.1, so you will have to connect your Apple TV with PC for successful boot.

How To: Jailbreak Apply TV 2G via SeasonPass:

All the Download Links are below the The guide

Step 1: Unzip the ‘’ file and launch Seas0nPass.
Step 2: If your AppleTV is not yet jailbroken, select ‘Create IPSW’. (if already jailbroken, and you just need to do a ‘tethered boot’ scroll down).

Step 3: The latest AppleTV software will be downloaded and used to create a custom ‘jailbroken’ software file.

Step 4: When prompted, connect your AppleTV using a micro-USB cable (leave power disconnected), and hold both the ‘MENU’ and ‘PLAY/PAUSE’ buttons for 7 seven seconds.

Step 5: iTunes will open automatically and start the restore process.

iTunes will confirm the restore when complete – your AppleTV is now jailbroken. Please proceed to the ‘tethered boot’ section below.
Using Seas0nPass for a ‘tethered boot’
Some AppleTV software versions require a tethered boot. This means the AppleTV must be connected to a computer for a brief moment during startup.
Note: The AppleTV MUST be disconnected from the computer (for at least a brief moment) after restoring in iTunes for the tethered boot process below to work properly.
Step 1: Open Seas0nPass and select the ‘Boot Tethered’ option.
Step 2: When prompted, connect the AppleTV to your computer via USB. Wait for the rapid flashing light then connect the power. Once both are connected hold both the ‘MENU’ and ‘PLAY/PAUSE’ buttons for 7 seven seconds.
Step 3: Seas0n Pass will complete the tethered boot automatically. Once complete, remove the USB cable and connect the HDMI cable.

Download Links:


Seas0nPass for Windows will release soon to Jailbreak Apple TV


Guide: Untethered Jailbreak Apple TV 2G on iOS 4.2.1 using Seas0npass [Mac]

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  • Rags

    This is grea! I guess. What is it that you can do with your apple tv, That you couldn’t do prior to the jailbreak?

    • Soulslave

      This just opened the door… within days of this XBMC was available. Go do some research on XBMC and you will soon see that jailbreaking the ATV2 has now allowed it to do what it should have done all along (actually play content)

      Unfortunately it only works with macs, so the jailbreak is only useful to about 2% of the population, but it is a start :)

      • haseeb

        Windows version is coming soon!!!!

        • db3dfx

          ahhhhh just picked up my aTV2g need windows versionnnnn!! :D :D:D:D

  • Harry

    I can’t get my atv2 into Dfu mode….

    • Lfox101

      Neither can I. I have tried 6 times….what’s up with that?? Somebody help!!!!

      • Great Ish

        connected the power and it seemed to work but now can’t tether boot….

        • haseeb

          Seas0nPass 0.6.8 is out!!! it has solve tether boot issue….

          • Jweaver56

            No it didn’t fix it. At least not for me. Please help. Thx!

            • Eurisko

              Forget the timing junk. Plug the USB and Power cables in. Press MENU + DOWN until the Apple TV light starts blinking rapidly, then immediately let go and then press MENU + PLAY until the Apple light starts blinking rapidly again, and again immediately let go. This should kick it into DFU for you. I tried several times as well before resorting to just letting the blinking light tell me when to do what. Never keep the buttons pressed once the light starts blinking rapidly.

              • Anonymous

                YOU RULE!! Thank you! I have read tons of blogs and threads trying to figure this out. None of them mentioned this. Worked perfectly!

              • Bobstockplayer

                Any ideas how to get nito on there. I’ve tried to use terminal and had no luck. I’ve also watched some youtube videos.

              • Freddie

                Hi Bobstockplayer.
                Did you find out how to get nitoTV on there? If yes please let me/us know!

      • Great Ish

        if you still have problems getting into dfu mode, try plugging in the power to the ATV during the jailbreaking mode.

        also, holding the menu / play buttons for 7 seconds might be too long. I would let go as soon as the rapidly flashing lights appeared and the process would begin.

        hope it helps.

  • haseeb

    1. Some users have reported issues with ‘wifi sync’ enabled. Disabling this (if currently in use) seems to resolve a number of issues related to restoring in iTunes.

    2. If you are receiving errors during the iTunes restore phase (1600, 1601, etc…) disconnect any iPods, iPhones and iPads from the computer and re-run Seas0nPass.

    3. The tethered boot process relies on files installed during the IPSW creation process. If you’re getting errors (or app is hanging at ‘Found device in DFU mode…’) during the DFU/tethered boot process re-run the ‘Create IPSW’ option on the computer you are planning to use to perform the tethered boot.

    4. When performing a tethered boot timing is important. The power cable should not be connected until you see the rapid flashing light. Additionally, the HDMI cable needs to be connected promptly once the tethered boot process is complete, and before the white light on the AppleTV stops flashing.

    5. The bug relating to the AppleTV forgetting wireless networks has been a known issue in all AppleTV jailbreaks to this point. Update: The wifi bug was partially fixed in 0.6.6. The AppleTV will automatically rejoin networks after a full restart, however the wireless network may still drop off when returning from an extended sleep. We’re currently looking into a more complete fix.

  • Andrew

    This works for me is there going to be a more permanent fix for the terthered boot rather then always having to plug your apple TV and use seas0npass as this is quiet annoying

  • Bobstockplayer

    Any ideas how to get nito on there. I’ve tried to use terminal
    and had no luck. I’ve also watched some youtube videos.Thanks for your help on jailbreaking  it worked perfectly and better than green poison.

  • Eljay

    I’m having a problem with the restore, iTunes automatically opens but the restore doesn’t start automatically. If I click restore it goes through the process but i get an error every time… any ideas?

  • Nallahandi


    I have used Seas0nPass to jail break my new Gen 2 Apple TV. In the process it downloaded latest version of Apple TV software. 

    After that I have used aTV Flash (black) and  I was able get maintenance
    menu installed successfully.

    From there I have installed new media player and XBMC. 

    Since jail break, I have a major issues with photo slide shows. As soon as I go
    to slideshow setting menu, the system cash and hang. I had to do a power reset
    to start the Apple TV again. Apple has added new great slideshow themes from
     v4.2. It worked perfectly before the jail break.

    Can anyone help please?

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