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Microsoft: More Than 8 Million Kinect Units Sold Since it’s Launch in November

Microsoft Chief Exective (CEO) Steve Ballmer announced today in his Keynote at CES that more than 8 Million Kinect units Sold in world wide in it’s first 60 days. It appeared that Microsoft Kinect sales haven’t good at all since the company reported moving 2.5 million units in less than a month. Microsoft hoped that they will sell 5 million units of Kinect in 2010 but they have significantly cross that figure to 8 million.

Microsoft’s numbers game for Xbox 360 in 2010:

Xbox & Kinect for Xbox 360

• 8 million: Number of Kinects sold in first 60 days

• 50 million: Xbox 360s sold to date

• 30 million: Number of Xbox LIVE members

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