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Official Unboxing for the new Nokia N8 [video]

It has been Officially announced by Nokia that Nokia N8 will Officially be released on 30th Sepember.It also meshes perfectly with earlier speculation surrounding This is Nokia’s next generation phone which have loads of features,having  advantages of Symbian^3.Nokia has released an official interactive unboxing video for N8.Check it out and dont forget to choose one of the 3 options of unboxing at the end of the video. Enjoy

Nokia N8 Accessories:

  • Connectivity Cable (transfer anything into your phone)
  • Sterio Headsets (high quality)
  • Energy efficent Traveler charger. (with 2mm end)
  • HDMI Adapter Cable (Connect your N8 to HD tv’s)
  • USB Connectin Cable (connect with a USB and transfer files)
  • Stylus (For better touch Precision).


  • 12 Megapixel Camera. (720p HD Video)
  • 16 GB Internal Memory.
  • Symbian 3^ OS (Ultra fast Multi Tasking)
  • Micro Usb Port.
  • HDMI output.
  • Latest Applications Supported by Symbian 3 OS
  • GPS (Navigation For free)
  • Fifty Hours of Music playback

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